British International Dental Centres

Creating beautiful smiles with exceptional dentistry

Creating beautiful smiles with exceptional dentistry

Dr. Housam Salma

Consultant Oral Surgeon
DDS, MSD License: D754

Dr. Leena Mathews

General Dentist
BDS License: D329

Dr. Anu Rengit

Consultant Prosthodontist
MDS (Prosthodontics) License: D895

Dr. Mohamed Essam

Consultant Endodontist
BDS, MDS (Endodontics and Restorative Dentistry) License: D5882

Dr. Shiby Thomas

General Dentist
BDS License: D2577

Dr. Deepu Mathew

General Dentist
BDS License: D341

Dr Tamer Fouda

Consultant Paedodontist
BDS,MDS,PhD (Egypt) License: D5730

Dr Haris Batley

Consultant Orthodontist
BDS (UK), PGCe Clin Ed (UK), PGCe DPH (UK), DClinDent Ortho (UK), MJDF RCS Eng (UK), MOrth RCS Ed (UK), FDSOrtho RCS Ed (UK), FFDT RCS Ed (UK) License: TD 121466

Dr Isra Ashi

General Dentist
BDS (Hons) UK License: TD 119761

Dr Joe Yammine

General Dentist
BDS (Lebanon) License: TD 122529