British International Dental Centres

Creating beautiful smiles with exceptional dentistry

Creating beautiful smiles with exceptional dentistry


Our Treatments are evidence based. We have a refreshingly modern approach to dental care, one that merges the latest state of the art technology and techniques with high levels of professional and friendly service. We can provide exceptional, individual dental care for you and your family.

Regular check-ups and dental hygiene visits can help ensure that dental issues such as inadequate oral hygiene, cavities, tooth wear and other small lesions can be spotted early. This helps achieve our goal of saving teeth and maintaining a healthy mouth. We recommend full consultations at least twice a year. For other concerns you can schedule a problem focussed consultation.


The safety of patients and staff is important to us. We follow the current British and Ministry of Public Health, Qatar guidelines relating to health and safety as well as comply with dental radiation safety systems


We have the highest infection control standards and equipment and ongoing continuing education. We use digital radiography (X-rays). They are safer, better, faster and smarter. Protective eyeglasses are used on every patient. Other technology we offer include the laser, piezosurgery, the operating microscope and the calaject (computer assisted anaesthetic delivery system) which all limit possible complications.

Continuing Professional Development

The field of dentistry moves at lightening speed. At the British International Dental Centres we are constantly looking for ways to improve the quality and standards of our treatments and offer the most effective up-to-date advice, materials and technology. We attend dental conferences and seminars regularly. We have our own internal seminars regularly to discuss new technology and techniques with our Team.

General Dentistry for All Ages

The entire family can be seen and cared for at any age. The first consultation with parent and child is recommended at 6 months old.

Intra-oral Cameras

You can now see what we see with this camera. You become better informed, and we can detect problems sooner


Intra-oral Digital X-rays

 We use digital x-rays in most cases to minimise dosages and offer low dose digital CBCT (cone-beam computed tomography) to reconstruct a 3D image of your teeth, jaws and mouth, especially useful to plan wisdom tooth extraction, implants and diagnose pathology. Using the digital CBCT we have better image quality and accuracy. It is a comfortable and efficient experience.

Oral cancer screenings

Part of your consultation includes oral cancer screening. Oral cancer has been reported to be amongst the cancers which are the most frequently detected. The prevalence of oral cancer has gone up by 25% over the past decade with indulgence in tobacco and/or alcohol being the main causes. When detected early, this type of cancer is not life threatening as figures show that 90% of people who receive early treatment are cured, whereas a delay in treatment lowers the figure to 50%. It is therefore essential to alert us without delay if you have: 

  • Unexplained bleeding in the mouth
  • Difficulty swallowing or moving the tongue 
  • Development of white or red patches in the mouth, lips or gums 
  • Ear pain 
  • Change in the way your teeth or jaws fit together